So who came to NetHui?

Below is a rough sector and geographic breakdown of NetHui participants. It shows a wide range of sectors, significant Business,  Government, University and School involvement, not-unexpected huge interest from the ICT community, and substantial Media interest both from Journalists and from other Media organisation staff.  There are also clearly sectors that can be encouraged to get involved in a stronger way next time!
Business (46) [ Advertsing (3), Bank (7), Misc (22), PR (5), Publishing (9) ]
Community – Not for Profit (12)
Creative – Not for Profit (3)
Disability – Not for Profit (6)
Government – Central (60)
Government – Education (7)
Government – Local (3)
Health (1)
ICT (159) [ Industry Group (3), ISP/Telco (19), Not for Profit (49), Products/Services (80), Research (4), Security (4) ]
Legal (22)
Library (23)
Media – Journalists (18)
Media – Other Staff (21)
Politician (5)
School (34) [ Industry Group (1), Services (5), Not for Profit (8), Staff (16), Student (4) ]
University (69) [ Services (2), Staff (45), Student (22) ]
Unknown (12)
International (1)
Australia (6)
Northland (5)
Auckland Region (275)
Central NI/Waikato (22)
East Coast/Hawkes Bay (7)
Wellington/Lower NI (159)
West Coast/Nelson (2)
Canterbury (9)
Otago/Southland (10)
So, what are the sectors you’d like to encourage to also come to NetHui next time?

4 Responses to “So who came to NetHui?”

  1. I was pleased to see a broad spectrum of attendees at NetHui. It was great getting the politicians involved; Professor Lawrence Lessing was superb and I was delighted to see the access-challenged attending also. The two sign language interpreters were so energetic and unstinting in their efforts to translate.

  2. Hi there, it would be good to have a list of web/twitter links of those who did attend. there were some people I would have liked to have linked up with after the event, but don’t have their contact details.

  3. Health is a big gap in our discussions and would be good to include in our next NetHui2012

  4. Health is the major NZ budget spendature and should be addressed as such . I think in this digital age we should reflect on it.