Derek Wenmoth
for the Education Stream

Derek Wenmoth is Director of eLearning for CORE Education Ltd, a not-for-profit educational research and development organization based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Derek has a broad background in education, with experience at the primary and secondary school level, and as principal lecturer at the Christchurch College of Education, manger of e-Learning at the Correspondence School, and as a senior policy analyst and adviser to the Ministry of Education where he was instrumental in formulating a national eLearning framework.

Derek has a particular interest in exploring the ways in which ICTs can be used to create rich and meaningful learning environments and experiences for students, and how the integration of these technologies into all facets of our social and learning lives is shaping the way learning occurs and communities are formed. Derek has a particular interest in the way our engagement with new technologies is shaping our lives as educators and as learners, and also how this impacts on the nature of schools and schooling in the 21st century.

In 2008 Derek was recognized as one of the George Lucas Education Foundation’s “Global Six”, awarded annually to educators “who are reshaping the future of education”.