Innovation and Emerging Issues (Thursday)

Dealing with incoming technologies and issues

Stream Leader: Ray Delany

THURSDAY: Emerging Issues

Market Structures in a UFB World

Facilitator: Rohan MacMahon, Crown Fibre Holdings

Like it or not, Ultra-Fast Broadband is coming. What implications will this have on the traditional “ISP” and “Telco” worlds and what future-looking policy and legislative challenges will this present?

IPv6: How real is the issue and what’s the role of Government and Industry?

Facilitator: Dr Murray Milner, Consultant

There’s been much talk and attention given to fact that IPv4 addresses are running out, however others say an open market for IP addresses would solve the issue. How much of a threat is this issue and who should deal with it?

Net Neutrality: Legacy issue or essential for the future of the ‘Net?

Facilitator: Jamie Baddeley, InternetNZ Vice President

Is Net Neutrality at the core of a free and uncaptureable Internet or does it ignore the need to prioritise some traffic and unnecessarily exclude possible future revenue models? Should it and can it be regulated and if so, by whom?

The implications of Digital Communities on Emergency Response

Facilitator: Tim McNamara

The recent Christchurch Earthquake saw the rise of community-contributed content and responses often in place before the “official” digital responses had launched. What role should non-Governmental emergency response play and what have we learnt that will enable greater collaboration in future?

Roundup Panel and Discussion

Facilitator: Ray Delany

The four session facilitators re-join the stage in a panel format for an all-of-room discussion about the key issues identified during the sessions and other matters related to emerging issues

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