Innovation and Emerging Issues (Wednesday)

Dealing with incoming technologies and issues

Stream Leader: Paul Matthews

WEDNESDAY: Business Innovation in the Modern Digital World

The changing face of the Internet: Mobile and Security

Facilitator: Ross Hughson, Personal Information Management

The Internet as we know it is constantly changing. An example is the rapid adoption of mobile technology and the legal and policy challenges of related tools such as location-based services. This session will explore the challenges businesses face in a mobile world, particularly from a security perspective.

Legal Implications of Cloud Computing

Facilitator: Michael Wigley, Wigley and Company

This session explores the current and future legal implications related to Cloud Computing and the implications and considerations necessary to ensure that businesses and the law keeps up with the challenges of a Cloud-based world

The future of Content and Media in a digital world

Facilitator: Lance Wiggs

Content is king but someone has to pay for it. In the days of media convergence traditional content distribution is challenged. Copyright law has stepped in to protect these legacy distribution models but is this an enduring solution, what alternative models should be explored and what are the implication for business?

Privacy Issues for business in the new digital age

Facilitator: Marie Shroff, Privacy Commissioner

The digital future for New Zealand businesses is likely to be very different from the past. For example, by it’s nature the Cloud involves third parties managing an organisation’s data offsite and often overseas. What are the privacy-related implications of businesses operating in the digital world now and in the future?

Roundup Panel and Discussion

Facilitator: Paul Matthews

The four session facilitators re-join the stage in a panel format for an all-of-room discussion about the key issues identified during the sessions and other matters related to business innovation in the modern digital world

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