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NetHui 2011 video coverage and notes

By Richard, 6 July 2011

All sessions of NetHui 2011 were streamed and recorded. There were also facilities for collaborative notes, and formal notes were taken by experienced journalists. You can watch video and access the notes through the following links: Video Notes Formal notes were also taken during many NetHui sessions

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NetHui – discussions and coverage

By Richard, 4 July 2011

The momentum of discussion on, and consideration of, Internet issues raised at NetHui continues through many discussions, social media updates, blog posts, news articles and video. If you are on Twitter please continue to follow the twitter feed . Here is a roundup of coverage of NetHui 2011 that we’ll add to as we come across… Read more >>

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A multi-stakeholder initiative

By Richard, 14 July 2010

NetHui 2011 is a conference that brings together everyone involved with Internet issues in New Zealand. The event is based on the format of multi-stakeholder collaboration successfully introduced by the global Internet Governance Forum (IGF). The inaugural NetHui will be held over three days from 29 June – 1 July 2011 in Auckland. In future… Read more >>


By Richard, 13 July 2010

The NetHui 2011 conference theme will be finalised in consultation with the multi-stakeholder organising committee. The proposed starting point, “Shaping our Future Together”, is related to the theme of the Global IGF 2010 meeting and clearly identifies everyone’s common interests in the future of the Internet. Potential streams for example include access, governance, regulation, privacy,… Read more >>

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By Richard, 13 July 2010

NetHui 2011 is planned as a three day event with multiple streams of community discussions, scenario discussions, debates, and issue-specific workshops culminating in cross-fertilisation and a common discussion as the event is completed. It is anticipated that evenings will be opportunities for further talks, and conference social functions. Opportunities may also arise beforehand for specialised… Read more >>

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