Sue Chetwin
Chief Executive of Consumer NZ

Sue Chetwin is the Chief Executive of Consumer NZ. Sue is responsible for the organisation’s research and commercial publishing activities, is Consumer’s public spokesman on current consumer issues and is its representative on a number of industry and government organisations.

The principal aim of Consumer is to collect and disseminate information and in so doing, advance the interests of its subscribing members and those of consumers generally. This is achieved through research, the publication of Consumer magazine and through .

Sue joined Consumer four years ago after more than 25 years in news journalism. She has edited all three of the country’s Sunday newspapers and was a business manager at NZ Magazines, publisher of The NZ Listener and NZ Woman’s Weekly.

The Internet has completely changed the way we conduct our lives – from buying and selling, and doing our banking, to instantly keeping up with the world and our friends. For Consumer NZ it is the most important way we talk to our members and supporters. And like many businesses it’s where our staff spend much of their working day. The Internet has brought huge social and economic benefits. NetHui 2011 will be a chance to discuss those and, importantly, the responsibilities that go with those benefits.