Mike O'Donnell
Mike O’Donnell (MOD)
Head of Operations, TradeMe

Mike “MOD” O’Donnell works as Head of Operations for Trade Me. Prior to this he was Head of  Commercial and Regulatory, and has worked in a number of senior roles in media, marketing and investment. He has also worked in government, in New Zealand and offshore.

MOD is currently on boards of Serato Audio Research and Positively Wellington, chairs the NZ Police Web Oversight Group and acts as adviser to organisations going through change, typically change connected with customer access or the web.

In 2011 the World Wide Web turns 21. Over that time the web has gone from brave new world to the default way we live our lives, from paying power bills to cheating at pub quizzes. Given the speedy infiltration of the Internet into our lives, it is surprising that little has happened in terms of trying to get our head around the big picture here in little old New Zealand. It’s my hope that NetHui 2011 will provide that opportunity.