Marie Shroff
Privacy Commissioner

Marie Shroff became Privacy Commissioner in 2003. She has led the office in seeking innovative, business friendly solutions for privacy protection in the digital age. This has included work on health information, the credit reporting industry, e‑government, and more recently, cloud computing. She has also headed major enquiries including the handling of New Zealanders’ information in international banking, aspects of Google’s operations and the health insurance industry.

For many people, the Internet has become a primary means of interacting with the world, whether in the personal sphere or business world. We might use it to do our banking and shopping online; to keep in touch with friends; register for services; engage in debate, or to find out information or news. It is hard to imagine a life now that is not online. Information is the currency of the online world and personal information is the most valuable part. We are interested in capturing those huge social and economic benefits in ways which also respect the people behind that information and ensure they have control and choice. NetHui is an opportunity for us all to focus our minds on where we are at and where we might go.